Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Scarecrow is a combination of:
lego ,clay, and chopsticks.

It was made in the deep dark parts of Clayland in a volcano named Mt.Redrush.


TMH said...

Wow...that is a scary scarecrow. Very well done. You should put it by the door on Halloween.

Travis said...

I think the scarecrow is my favorite on the site. It is a bit scary, especially with the detached head. Keep creating and posting!

meg M said...

Awesome, really good Job Colvin!

jay said...

You are the best sculptor I know! You are so creative and smart. I wish I was as talented as you. Please keep making art.

I Love You!


Missy said...

WOW. I love this one. How did you think to put so many different things in each scupture? Please make some more! I can't wait to see them!

Aunt Missy

Anonymous said...

I love you too jj!