Friday, October 24, 2008

Beak Warrior

combination of:clay,lego,metal.
He was born in a nest of metal. Pieces of metal would fall eventually hurting him a lot and he got angry and let loose 50,000 volts of eletricity.


Valerie said...

Hi Colvin,
You dont know me, but I saw a link to your awesome blog on your Dad's Facebook page. Great creations !! Thanks for sharing.

Even though beak warrior looks really cool, I think I like key holder best... since he found a good way to be of use, even after getting wounded in battle.

Mary said...

Hi Colvin --

You don't know me either, but hey, now you can say you have fans from all over, right? I like your stuff a lot. Wish I had your talent. If I did, I think I'd try to make some sort of man/tapir hybrid. Wearing armor, definitely.


Murdock said...

This one has to win the award for most excellent use of a drill bit in a work of art.