Sunday, July 26, 2009


born in a little town called chesterfeild,Clayland he is a very cheery fellow that loves to take care of others and he has super hearing so he can hear from two miles away and be there in a heartbeat.


winger said...

I want a bunch of beetlebats to watch my house and garden while I'm not at home. Also to go to local resurants and stuff and come back and tell me if they are crowded or if my friends are there.
I think beetlebats are very cool and I hope to meet some someday.

Terri said...

I love this guy,Coley. He looks very happy. Be sure to save him for my shelf in the family room. Miss you, Memere

Mom :) said...

COLVIN!! Great Job. I am not quite sure what I love most about this one. It is a tie between the wings and eyes. I really like the wings, I can almost see them flying! I love you, my little love bug artist. Keep creating!! Mom.