Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dark Rainbow Lord

Combination of: clay, toothpicks, and playmobile pieces

He once was a bounty hunter desperate for money, while going to get a job from his boss he tripped and fell into a transforming chamber and transformed himself into the Dark Rainbow Lord!


Anonymous said...

Wow, this guy really has some potential to take over the whole kingdom... He surely doesn't have to be desperate for money any longer. How does he generate enough energy to glow so brightly? Is it his diet? I can’t wait to hear ofhis adventures.


Missy said...

This is the coolest sculpture YET! It's amazing. How long did it take you to do??

I love it, and YOU!

Aunt Missy

Memere said...


I think this is great too. It's great that you were able to get back to your blog too. Please save him so I can see him in person tomorrow.

xoxo Memere

Anonymous said...

Geez Beak warrior might be cause for some future nightmares for me- a little scarey dude!!Dark Rainbow Lord may be your finest creation yet. Keep sending us your wonderful creations!!! Let us know about their adventures. XOXO, Aunt Cathy

Kendra said...

Hi Col,
I love this guy. Made of CLAY! How did you get so good at clay forming? See you tomrrow.